SME eBackup System

SME eBackup System

Data, in all its forms, is the key to a successful business. Data helps establish strategy, assures appropriate billing, keeps records and myriad other essential tasks. Without data, a business can fail, making the preserving of data nothing less than a strategic priority. This applies to businesses of all sizes, but especially to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

While small and medium-sized enterprises don’t typically generate the same amount of data that larger enterprises do, they still need the same kind of protection to ensure the timely recovery of essential business data. 

With IGNS SME eBackup System, in a  pay and use scheme,  a SME will enjoys the following benefits:

1) Implementing comprehensive protection with minimal impact on business operations - scheduling backup data

2) Meeting increasingly stringent backup and recovery requirements - Increasingly, tape-based backup infrastructures are unable to meet these requirements. NAS with HDD backup provide a secure and higher recoverability of data

3) Do not need a dedicated IT staff or administrator to carry out the backup task 

4) Deploying cost-effective disaster recovery strategies: An off-site storage enabler via Cloud Storage

5) Secure and maintain data integrity with reputable Cloud Storage provider - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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