Storage Craft Backup & Recovery Solutions

Storage Craft Backup & Recovery Solutions

The StorageCraft® Recover-Ability™ solution is a suite of software and services that helps to recover anytime, anywhere. The StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution works as an integral part of  overall business continuity plan by protecting systems, applications, and data from any disaster be it large or small.

The StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution is made up of these four fundamentals:

1)Backup: Creating a copy of everything—systems, applications, services, data—is the linchpin of any decent backup and disaster recovery plan.

2)Replication: Duplicating backups to another location ensures that it can be accessed, even if  local versions are destroyed.

3)Management: Taking control of backups ensures they’ll work when need them and won’t eat up precious storage space.

4)Recovery: Getting business running again immediately following a disaster is the whole point.

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